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Pruritic Rashes

1. Scabies
Rx:  Permethrin

2. Dermatitis Herpetiformis
Rx: Gluten-Free Diet
Dapsone 100mg po

3. Lichen Planus
Rx: Reassurance
Resolve after about 9 months
Moderately potent topic Steroids

4. Tinea Cruris
Rx: Miconazole / Clotrimazole bd for 3-4/52 + 2cm beyond the rash
Topical Hydrocortisone for rash
If weeping: Burow's Solution 1 in 40 compresses to dry area
Persistant or recurrent eruption: Griseofulvin for 6-8/52 or Terbinafine for 2-4/52

5. Candida 
Rx: Treat underlying problem
Miconazole / Clotrimazole bd 
If weeping: Burow's Solution 1 in 40 compresses to dry area

6. Erythrasma 
Rx: Erythromycin or Tetracycline (oral)
Topical imidazole

7. Asteatotic Eczema
Rx: Avoid Scrubbing with soaps
Use Aqueous Cream and a soap substitute
Topical Teroid diluted in White Soft parrafin

8. Golfer's Vasculitis
Rx: Resolves spontaneously within 3 days

9. Urticaria
Rx: Avoid identifiable causes
Avoid Aspirin
Consider elimination diets
Oral Antihistamines
Prednisone 50mg daily (if severe)
Lukewarm baths with Pinetarsol 

10. Flea bites
Rx: Remove the fleas!

11. Bed Bug Bites
Rx: Clean the lesions
Apply corticosteroid ointment
Call licenced pest controller