1. You need a WCC to diagnose appendicitis

Cardall T, Glasser J, Guss DA.  Clinical value of the total white blood cell count and temperature in the evaluation of patients with suspected appendicitis.  Academic Emergency Medicine.  October 2004; 11 (10):  1021-1027.

2. You need to do a speculum exam for PV bleeders in early pregnancy

3. Procedures on Fingers, Nose, Penis, Toes-  Don't use adrenanline

4. You need an ABG to diagnose hypercarbia in COPD

5. IV Adrenaline will save lives during cardiac arrest

6. Morphine (or any analgesia) will mask the signs in a patient with an acute abdomen

7. You should start a PPI for patients who have had an upper GI bleed from varices